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Bathroom Remodel – No Pressure Sales

reputationOne of the most common complaints about home improvement is salespeople that use the consultation and quote process as an excuse for a high-pressure sales presentation.

We’re different. We never want any homeowner to feel uncomfortable or pressured into a decision. In fact, we feel so strongly about it we created a “Customer Bill of Rights” to guarantee you an experience free of pressure.

1. You Have A Right To Relaxed Consultation That Is A Two-Way Conversation – NOT A Long-Winded Sales Presentation.

We don’t come to your home to dominate the situation. We come to really listen to what you want and then educate you on your options.

 2. You Have A Right To Real Pricing, NOT PHONY DISCOUNTS.

Beware of any company that says “we can use your project as a model and give you a discounted price.” Also beware of complicated discount schemes or packages that are hard to understand. These kind of tactics are almost always ploys.

3. You Have A Right To Take Your Time In Making A Decision.

We don’t think it’s fair to offer you a price that is “only good for today.” If you want to sign with us that day, that’s great. But you shouldn’t feel like you have to.

4. You Have A Right To Have All Your Questions Answered Fully.

Some consultations seem more about a company trying to tell you how great they are, instead of spending the time to listen and fully answer your questions. We’ll make sure we answer all your questions.

5. You Have A Right To Say “No” Or “Not Yet.”

Yes, we’ll ask for your business. After all, we’re proud of the work we do and we think hiring us is an excellent decision. But that doesn’t mean we won’t hear the word “no” or “I need more time to think about it.”

6. You Have A Right To Take The Time To Thoroughly Check A Company’s Reputation Online.

We recommend checking out a company’s reputation online before meeting with them – if they have a spotty or bad record they are probably not even worth inviting to your home. But if you haven’t had an opportunity to do so, you should always check the company’s website and independent online reviews.

7. You Have The Right To A Realistic Quote.

Here’s the truth: you can always find someone willing to quote you a lower price. The problem is that an unrealistic quote means a company is cutting corners on quality or will be looking for ways to up-charge you later. These slippery practices will eventually put a company out of business, and then they won’t be there for you when you have a problem down the road.

8. You Have The Right To ENJOY The Process.

You are spending your money to invest in your home. You should be excited about how the results will make you feel. So really, why would you put up with a pressure-filled sales process? Don’t let anyone make you feel uncomfortable as you make a decision – this should be exciting!

Anniversary Inspection

5-star-ratingJust about any company in any industry will say “we stand behind our work/product/service.” The problem is that most of the time what that means is unclear. It is more a vague possibility than a rock-solid commitment.

We decided to do something about that.

That’s why we have instituted our anniversary inspection promise: a year after your project is finished, we’ll visit and re-inspect our work. If anything needs tightened, fixed, repaired, or replaced, we’ll take care of it. No charge, no hassles.

Two questions you might have:

1. Does this mean I have to wait until the anniversary inspection if I have a concern or problem that needs resolved?

Of course not! Call us anytime if you have a concern or question.

2. Why do we do this?

Home improvement companies have a reputation for being slow to respond to problems. Homeowners find that messages are not returned or excuses take the place of action.

We decided we wanted to establish ourselves as the EXACT OPPOSITE of all that! We wanted to prove to homeowners that we were not just another company making vague promises. The anniversary inspection is our answer: a concrete promise that we really do stand behind everything we do.

Honest Quotes

honest-quotesSometimes the best way to explain something is to state clearly what you won’t do.

When it comes to providing you a quote, here is what we won’t do:

  • We won’t create phony situations like “we’ll use your project as a show model and give you a discount” and then claim there are limited spots available.
  • We won’t give you a quote and then immediately undermine it by saying that the price is good “today only.”
  • We won’t try to compete on price alone. Bottom of the barrel pricing means cut-rate quality. Companies that do this often are out of business quickly, leaving you holding the bag when there’s a problem.
  • We won’t surprise you on the final invoice. The price we quote is accurate and will only change if you specifically authorize an adjustment to the scope of work.
  • We won’t use tactics like intentionally leaving things out of the quote, and then pressure you to sign a change order later.

So if that’s what we won’t do, what do we do instead?

Our Entire Quote Process Revolves Around 3 Principles:

Be Clear & Transparent. Clarity is about getting down into the details and making sure we give you a thorough quote.

Be Fair & Reasonable. Fairness cuts both ways. We never use our high-quality as an excuse to inflate prices unreasonably. But we also won’t cut our prices to the point where the results of your project would be compromised.

Be Honest & Straightforward. You don’t need us to explain honesty to you! Honesty is just one of those things you do or you don’t. We do.

Rock Solid Installation

accountabilityIt’s a question you might be asking yourself as you think through your home improvement project: how can a homeowner who doesn’t have ‘insider knowledge’ accurately judge the quality of a company’s installers?

Definitely an important question, because a poor installation will cause way too much stress and end in disappointing results.

The good news is there are concrete, specific things you can look to that will that will “tell the tale” about a contractor.

Here’s What To Look For:

Experienced Installers.

Find out the overall level of experience of the company’s installers. It doesn’t have to be decades for every employee, but it should be a level that makes you comfortable.

Also, be sure to ask questions about their process. Do they even have one? What you want to hear is that they have a consistent set of standards that all their installers know and follow.

If you get halting answers or it sounds like they “wing it” on each new project, that’s a sign to look elsewhere.

Do They Have Employees?

Our installers are not subcontractors – they work as Home Master employees. This way we maintain complete control of standards, schedules, training and the on-site behavior of the installers at your home. We treat our people well, and avoid the massive turnover that is so common in this industry.

Note: For certain limited aspects of remodels, we will use sub-contractors. See the next point to understand why.

Proof #3 Good Sub-Contracting Vs. Bad Sub-Contracting.

If your job involves major plumbing or electrical work, we will use a sub-contractor for that portion of the project. But here’s something you should know: we have go-to guys that we have relied on for years and we know the quality of their work and standards. This is the right way to sub-contract.

Many companies choose to do it the wrong way. For instance, some companies just sell a job, then bid out each part of it to the lowest bidder, and pocket the difference. Guess how those projects usually go.

Other companies will use some of their own people, but then will sub-contract out the rest without actually having a trusted business relationship with the sub-contractor. That’s called rolling the dice.

In short, sub-contracting can make sense if it is used in limited circumstances, and sub-contractors with a long-standing, proven record are used.

Proof #4 Supervision.

The first thing you should determine is do they have a superintendent responsible for quality control. We do have a superintendent in charge of your project to make sure everything goes right.

Also, look for involved, experienced ownership. Here’s why: no one cares about a business as much as the owner – no one else has as much to lose. This means you should look for a business with an owner who visits job sites. It’s a sign that the owner is committed to holding his team accountable and doing their best work.

Proof #5: Judge The Overall Professionalism Of The Company.

Every company sends out all kinds of clues about what they are really like. And you can bet that these signals will indicate the overall quality of the installation.

Does their website look professional? Are they showing up for the initial appointment in a beat-up old truck and handing you a wrinkled business card? Can they easily answer questions about their installation team (do they even have a team)?

If your gut is leaving you feeling unsure or uneasy, that’s a pretty good sign that the quality of the install is going to be disappointing.


A Message from Mort Winer, Owner:

I’ve been working in the home improvement field ever since my grandfather put me to work at age 9. I love this business, and I love helping people make their homes better.

And I’ve learned a thing or two along the way about what makes for a successful business. After decades of doing this, I can tell you there is one bedrock rule I’ve learned: be accountable to your customers.

That’s why my business has so much accountability built right into it.

Some examples:

  • Every customer gets my direct line. You call me if you have any concern or question that is not being addressed. I promise a fast, appropriate response.
  • I often take a hand in personally supervising the work, coming by every few days to make sure everything is being done to my demanding standards.
  • There is also an on-site superintendent that leads our experienced installation team.
  • You don’t make final payment until you have signed off that you are satisfied with the results.
  • We have a complimentary “Anniversary Inspection” for your project. One year after your project is finished, we’ll schedule a time to come in and see if anything needs tightened, adjusted, fixed, or replaced. No charge.

The reason we have these policies in place is simple: accountability is too important to be left to chance. I make sure we have built-in processes that keep us accountable to those we serve.

Proof That Accountability Works

If you want proof that we do what we say, I recommend visiting our Reputation page. There you’ll find out why we are known as “The Local Company With The Great Reviews.” We’ve flat-out proven that when you are accountable to your customers, they are not shy about spreading the word.

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