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Bathroom Remodel Design

Tim Edison – Lead Designer

bathroom remodel design teamTim Edison has a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the University of Minnesota. He specializes in kitchen design. He’s designed over 400 kitchens in many places, including Los Angeles and San Diego California, Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota, Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada. He’s even done a job internationally, designing a kitchen in Peterborough, England.

Tim believes kitchens should be beautiful, but that a designer always needs to remember that a kitchen needs to be very functional, and “work” better than any other room in the house. As the most visited room in a home, everything must be in the right place and the work triangle composed of the sink, refrigerator, and, cook top should be a primary concern.


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Joanne Mendes – Designer

Joanne Mendes has worked as a kitchen and bathroom remodel design specialist for the last 11 years and her experience includes cabinetry and countertop design for all the living areas of the home. She worked in the design field 17 years in southern California, before turning her focus to the, heart of the home, the kitchen. She simply has an amazing amount of experience combined with a talent for design.

In 2010 she moved with her family to North Las Vegas and has enjoyed working with a variety of clients to turn their remodeling dreams into a reality. She focuses on making the design beautiful, but also integrates function and lifestyle considerations in every design.

Doug Weber – Design Specialist

Doug has over 35 years of construction experience and started framing houses at 16 years of age. His experience in remodeling is wide-ranging. Doug has owned his own construction company and has built residential and commercial buildings.

His bathroom remodel design experience is extensive. He has designed hundreds of kitchens and bathroom projects and is very familiar with the many types of options available to consumers today.

Doug says, “My goal as a designer and a project coordinator is to help consumers maximize their budgets and create a project that they can be proud to enjoy for many years to come.”

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